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In Pursuit of Unity

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Gage Skidmore

A day after the election, I feel deeply frightened and dejected for myself, and others in the minority, whose livelihoods could be capsized by the possibility of deportation, loss of marriage and family rights, or the forfeiture of personal safety for religion.

I am shocked to witness a political system allow for the election of a candidate who uses antagonism and scare tactics in order to gain support.

Yesterday I learned that many people I love and respect, from my immediate family to some of my best friends, endorse a way of thinking that is explicitly loathsome. But for some, these views didn’t just start existing yesterday, and others represent a  moderate who don’t portray the hateful conscience of the man they elected president.

In order to move forward and revitalize the community that was lost during the campaigns, it is necessary to recognize the humanity and morality of these people, rather than principles that were blinded by prejudice. It is essential to listen and attempt to understand, and by doing so help them to do the same.

This isn’t the time to shut each other out without dialogue on the basis of disagreement.

I fear what the next four years will bring, but I won’t allow myself to paralyzed by that fear. America is greatest when communities fight in unity for what is right and just.

We’ve allowed ourselves to mourn over what could have been the continuation of a celebrated era. But now is the time to hold on to one another because we are stronger together.

When truth is lost in blind bigotry and hatred we must find it again.     

When others are made to feel belittled by despicable rhetoric, we must build them up.

And where walls are built, it is our duty to help others over them.

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In Pursuit of Unity