“Up and Vanished” Podcast Review

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Amber Carey

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Tara Grinstead has been missing for 11 years. She vanished in the small town of Ocilla, Georgia, on on October 24th, 2005. Payne Lindsey, a filmmaker from Atlanta, decided to look into cold cases in the surrounding area and came across Grinstead’s cold case. He decided to look into it on his own to decide whether to make this case a documentary. He began gaining real information and decided it would be better in the form of a podcast. The name of it is “Up and Vanished.”

The first episode is a basic explanation of her case. Lindsey describes the known facts of her disappearance and begins discussing some of the original suspects.

In the following podcasts he is able to contact multiple people with facts that may be more hidden to the public or assumed as non-important information. He is able to contact a co-worker of hers, a sheriff who worked on the case a majority of his career, her former love interest, and others directly or indirectly involved in Grinstead’s life. He always interviews with a recorder and is able to directly share the interview or snippets of it to prove his interactions.

He also includes episodes based solely on case evidence for the previous episode. It allows you a deeper look into the case, and gives you proof of what is happening if you ever get skeptical. This podcast changes and molds with the evidence he finds or additional facts presented to him. He has a discussion board on his website as well so people who listen to the show are able to make suggestions or possibly offer some fresh perspectives.

This podcast would appeal to anyone who has an interest in television shows such as Criminal Minds or Law and Order. It would interest people who usually read murder mysteries or any sort of crime novels. Podcasts are not a very popular mode of entertainment, but have been gaining more popularity recently. A large portion of this is due to the prominent podcast “Serial.” I would give this podcast a 10/10.

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