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Athlete of the Week 3/20-3/24

Athlete: Ikenna Ozor
Grade: Senior
Sport: Basketball/ Tennis


  • 5A State Championship
    “I think it’s a really big deal that our team was able to stay together throughout the hardships and the hard losses that we took.”
  • 3-Year Varsity
  • 2015-16 2nd- Team All- State
  • 2016 All-Star Basketball Game Participant
  • 4th Place in Tennis Regionals


Coach Roger Fleury
“He’s the only reason I started playing basketball in the first place. He taught me everything I know about the game; like how to play the post. One of the things that he told me that I’ll never forget is that,’you don’t have to be big to play big.'”

Favorite Memory:

In recent memory, all anyone can ever talk about is how the Eaglecrest Raptors won the 5A State Championship game. At one point in the game, Ozor was down, and the Eaglecrest crowd was cheering him on chanting “I-kenn-a”, “I-kenn-a”, hoping to encourage the superstar to get back to his feet.

“It was really cool to see how much support we get from the school and from the Eaglecrest community. I really didn’t have a great idea of how much people want us to win until it [was present to see at the coliseum].” He said.

Words of Wisdom:

Ozor is a leading example of a student athlete. He is involved in many Eaglecrest clubs and activities in addition to his involvement in sports. Through the the stress of it all, Ozor does a session of Wisdom Wednesday on Snapchat to encourage those on his feed. Follow him @ikenna_25 and receive mid-week motivation. This week Ozor preaches on behalf of patience for incoming players.

“Don’t rush your time. There are a lot of players who believe they should play Varsity because they think they’re good enough. From a coaches perspective, they’re going to know if you’re going to be [benefical for the team]. If you don’t make the team you want, then take that time to work for it; put in one hundred percent effort in everything you do, and just keep going because then eventually you’ll achieve big things… like being a State Champion.” Ozor said.

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