“R U Ready” for the Yearbook?

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Kendall Ungerman

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Behind the scenes of the creation of this years' yearbook

     At the end of the year, most students are looking forward to reflecting and celebrating the memories of the past nine months. One of the easiest ways to do so is by surfing the pages of the yearbook.

     While this annual event is commonly looked forward to, most do not realize how much effort is put into creating the yearbook. This year, co-editors-in-chief seniors Alex Glennemeier and Kirsten Langman put their brainpower together to knit the book together, page by page. Before they were even able to do so, however, a theme had to be constructed.

     “Planning the theme of a yearbook is a lot of work, it’s not just finding a theme and calling it good,” Langman said. “It’s finding a theme that works well with your school and finding fonts, colors, and design elements that go along with that theme as well.”

     This year, they decided on the theme ‘RUE’, meant to be read as “are you ready” which connected to DECA headbands that were made a few years ago.

     “We thought that it encompassed our school and how fiercely proud our students are, and it’s also a play on words,” Glennemeier said.

     The theme allowed the yearbook staff to dive deep into key parts of our high school experience, ranging from the sports we play and the field trips we take. The staff has worked hard to incorporate a wide range of the student body in their coverage.

     “We really tried to include a lot of people so they could be featured in the book more than just their school picture,” senior staff member Zoee Jordan said. “[We] want everyone to feel recognized at this school and have memories [that last] a lifetime.”

     Every yearbook staff is bound to run into many bumps throughout the year. Meeting deadlines is necessary for the completion of the book, and these deadlines aren’t always met.

     “A lot of people don’t realize the hours we put into the book as a staff,” Glennemeier said. “There were so many times Kirsten and I looked at each other and wondered how we would finish it.”

     Despite the massive amount of stress and the minor setbacks the staff may go through, the relationships that are made leading up to seeing the final product make it all worth it.

     “Being a leader of the staff has helped me realize how much I love the yearbook community and how much I want to remain in the community,” Langman said.

      Currently, the staff is putting the finishing touches before the final product will be complete. Every second, minute, and hour each member of the staff has put into planning, conducting interviews, designing, and editing pages pays off on distribution day. All of the components of the book come together in that moment for the entire school body to see.

     “People should look forward to seeing them and their classmates covered in all aspects of the book,” Glennemeier said. “We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this book.”

Distribution day will be held on May 10 before and after school in the Aux Gym.

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