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Throwback Thursday: EHS staff wears their high school gear

In the mix of growing up, often times one is always looking forward to the big events that have yet to happen in their lives. When they do happen, it happens within the blink of an eye.

Take high school for example. High school is a place where everyone uses the experiences around them to find their true self; it is the time where you’re creating memories without even knowing it.
On April 13, 2017, the staff members of Eaglecrest High School participated in a spirit day of “Throwback Thursday”. Some reached back further than others, but having the opportunity to relive their high school days was an exciting experience.

From the College and Career Center, Deann Williams included that she admires the fact that our activities director, Kelly Snell, creates these type of things that include the staff.

“It awakens their school spirit,” she said.

Taking advantage of this day, Williams deemed that the throwback Thursday theme was the perfect opportunity for her to pull out the sweats; which were in her top trend of clothing to wear.

“In high school, all I wore was chucks [in every different color, cloth, style, you name it],” she said. “Today I am wearing one of my chucks and my Eaglecrest gear; representing my achievements through DECA, National Honor Society, academics, Basketball, and of course, Track.”

Rocking her junior high letterman jacket, social studies teacher Faith Vigil not only reflected on her high school time, but her middle school times as well.

“I participated in this week’s Throwback Thursday because I think it’s fun to show students that we, as teachers, were once in their shoes,” she said. “I think it’s cool to get to prove to them that we have exciting lives just as much as they do.”

Adding onto that, Assistant Principal Charla Rosenberry stated that Throwback Thursday was a wonderful event, because everyone around the school got the chance to visualize the experiences and activities people participated in through their letter jackets.

“On my letter, it shows that I was a three sport athlete [along with many other accolades],” Rosenberry said. “In any high school, some kids tend to gravitate toward one particular thing, and I wanted to be in it all. [I dedicated myself to anything and everything I could]; it was hard up to my Junior year, but in the end it’s what made high school fun for me.”

Science teacher and Coach Sean Emerson, like everyone else, wore his letterman jacket with pride. Digging up his Grand Junction high letterman jacket brought back memories of the hard work and dedication he had put in during high school.

“I haven’t worn this thing in a very long time. It’s literally been since I graduated high school since I put this one, so for [this week’s throwback Thursday], I thought it would be great to put on the old colors.” He said

For some faculty members, donning their high school gear at the home of the Raptors was a bit risky.

“It was a little controversial for me, because I went to Grandview, so I’ve definitely been given a hard time from some people, but it’s all in good fun.” Dean DeRose said. “I saw throwback Thursday as a great opportunity to reminisce on the past, and [being that it’s] graduation season, I just thought it would be a great to [revive past times] to graduating seniors [who will be doing the same thing one day]. ”

As Eaglecrest competes with many schools in Colorado, one of them being Vigil’s high school, she advocated that even though she went to the high school we’ve competed against, she would still choose to cheer on the Raptors due to her time spent here.

“I’ve been at Eaglecrest longer than I was at my high school, so I’m definitely a highly invested Raptor fan,” she said

Fortunately, for some faculty members, being a Raptor was put on pause after their Senior year, but later down the road, they’ve resumed their Raptor Pride and transitioned from being a student at Eaglecrest to being a staff member at Eaglecrest.

“Once a Raptor, always a Raptor, hands down,” Williams said. “I have so much pride in this place from when I was in high school, and being that I work here now, it just continues to grow within me.”

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