Ladies Begin to Swim Into the Spectacular Season!

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Ladies Begin to Swim Into the Spectacular Season!

Kayla Rusk, Reporter

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The girl’s swim season began on November 30th with their first meet of the 2017 season.

Ready, set, swim! The pressure begins as each girl is put under water to reach the other side faster than anyone else. It’s about technique and a determination that thrives for success. Every breath and every stroke matters in every race.

Swimming is all about technique when it comes to different styles such as the butterfly stroke, backstroke, sidestroke and even breaststroke.

A shared favorite event amongst a few competitors, Kim Nguyen (Junior) and Grace Benskin (Senior and swim captain) is the 500 free swim.

Benskin has been a competitive swimmer since she was 9 and said that she began swimming on Varsity her freshman year.

Nguyen is also a very competitive swimmer who has “been swimming for 7 years.”

Before participating in her first season at Eaglecrest her freshman year, Nguyen said, “I used to swim for Colorado Stars. My biggest accomplishment is making it to state last year.”

Nguyen is challenging herself this year as she “hopes to make it back [again] this year.”

Benskin considers her biggest accomplishment to be, “qualifying for A leagues in three events last year.”

Those events were the 500 free, 200 IM, and the 100 fly.

As her final season begins, Benskin is truly excited for the talented team to exceed in every way.

“I feel honored that I get to be the captain of such a wonderful team.”

The next meet is on December 21st at Arapahoe!

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