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Celebrating Black History

Tinsae Tadele and Hawa Dansoko

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     Brotherhood and Sisterhood are clubs that are open to Black students at EHS. These clubs are a great way to become involved in a community ready to empower the students who join.

    Sisterhood is a program at EHS, which is lead by Mrs. Glasgow. This is where all the Black Girl Magic happens.

       It’s an organization where young Black women gather and discuss common interests, empower each other, grow into pillars of a community they might not always be welcomed into, and become unapologetically themselves.

   In honor of Black History Month they have organized several events for Eaglecrest students and staff to participate in.

    Black History Month is a celebration of culture, art, music, and history of an entire group of people.

      “Black history month is just a month where I’m like oh here’s something that people are celebrating about my culture and about who I am.  It just like makes me feel really good knowing that people  recognize Black people as part of this community,” said Ginaifer Mensah.

       Although one month is definitely not enough, there are many ways to make the most of the time we’re alotted right here in Denver and at EHS.

      On February 8th,  Test Kitchen hosted by Roux Black celebrates music in the Black community by hosting a live hip-hop listening showcase at The Black Box.

      It’s a way of discovering hidden musical talents within the Black community.

    On February 13th from 5 PM to 7:30 PM , Sisterhood is partnering with National Art Honors Society to host a painting night in order to celebrate African and African American history and art.

      Don’t miss out on an opportunity to educate yourself and your peers at this event which is open to everyone.

       Sisterhood has given us this great opportunity to have a fun, educational time while enjoying food and the company of some wonderful students.

        To inspire people, Sisterhood is also planning on decorating the Eaglecrest windows with quotes from powerful Black leaders.

      Last year, we saw some beautiful quotes from Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and many more influential people in our society as well as art from former Sisterhood members.

        Later in the month, Sisterhood will also be hosting a soul food lunch for teachers and staff to share a part of Black culture that many people in the Black community get to enjoy.

           Brotherhood and Sisterhood are uniting to go see the new Marvel movie, Black Panther.

         Black Panther is the first superhero movie to have a majority Black cast, with a Black lead, and takes place in Africa.       

       There’s also a World Documentary Film Festival & Cinema hosted at Vickers Boys and Girls Club on February 16 from 5:30 PM to 8 PM.

   This film festival will be open to all ages.

     It is an educational film festival about documentaries that have impacted Black history.

          There will be a Q&A to give more insight on African and African American heritage.

      A History of Black Firefighters in the Denver Fire Department is a celebration of Black men and women who throughout history have fought to protect people and have gone unrecognized.

The exhibit costs $5 for children and $7 for adults.

Students reflected on what Black history month means to them.

    “It’s a time where we can appreciate what Black people did in history. But I don’t think we really learn about it that much,” said sophomore Tiana Register.

      “For me it means recognizing all the people who’ve worked hard and inspiring upcoming generations to work hard and achieve their dreams,” said Jallenae Abraham.

      “It shows how far we’ve come after slavery,” says Kalkidan Agonafer.

     Mary Merid said, “Black history month for me means representation. It’s important to have minority months so that we can celebrate everyone’s culture in our everyday lives.”

        When asked what activities she partakes in Abraham replied,  “In student council Mr. Davis is encouraging us to learn more about Black history month.”

      Mary Merid said “Activities I partake in for Black History month include watching historical documentaries and listening to speeches given by important figures like Martin Luther King Jr.”

          When asked how we can improve our knowledge about Black history month and get more involved  Tiana Register vocalized, “Well it’s not in the curriculum so the teachers can’t just start teaching about it.” Register continued, “ I think we have to teach ourselves.”

        When asked about whether student council has anything planned for Black History Month, Mr. Davis commented, “I do know right now that we have Mr. EHS  going on February 2nd and I know that we have Winter Wish Week which is February 5th through the 9th.”

     Mr. Davis continued, “So far Black History Month has not come up which doesn’t mean it won’t  because it would be important for that to happen at some point. So it’s a conversation we’ve had we just haven’t gone back to it.”

      “And the other part I would say is that I’m new so I have to figure out what else goes on  on campus and where we can add value,” Mr. Davis adds.


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Celebrating Black History