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EHS Welcomes New Honors Society

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EHS Welcomes New Honors Society

Suendus Qureshi, Reporter

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Rho Kappa is the only National Honors Society to recognize the social sciences, and EHS is the first school in the district to introduce this club for juniors and seniors, and decided to start the first chapter this year.

EHS has English, Spanish, science, and other National Honors Societies represented, but as time went on, social science lovers needed a place of their own.  

The idea of a national social studies honors society was long overdue. Mr. McCleave, now the clubsponsor, explained how he finally had the epiphany of starting a new honors society.

“At graduation, I was reading through the pamphlet and looking at all the great students we have and all these great honors societies. It dawned on me that there was nothing for the social sciences. It was just a light bulb moment of why not? I looked into it during the summer and found Rho Kappa,” he exaplined. “There’s only a handful of schools in Colorado that do it.”

Rho Kappa was long awaited by social studies devotees. The dedication is present in every member.

“A lot of us in AP US History all loved social studies and just had a great time in APUSH, so Mr. McCleave pushed forward to make an honors society happen. It’s important for us to be represented as a social studies program,” Rho Kappa president Vani Kapoor explains.

“I wanted more, they wanted more, but the school year was over and the AP test was already taken. We were done,” adds McCleave. “I was thinking about the idea for creating National Social Studies Honors Society for them. They get to do what they love and get credited for it in college,”

Andy Bryan, Co-Vice President, also agrees, “I think what is important about the society is that so many of us have looked for a society to fit into, but didn’t have one. We’ve finally found our spot.”

Not only did it bring a sense of belonging for students, but it allows them to learn about the things they love.

“I’ve always been very involved in social studies,” stated Esther Varghese, “It’s a great way to connect people of all different backgrounds, regardless of where they live or their social or economic status or their personal beliefs.”

Rho Kappa has more of a purpose than just learning about geography and history. Community service a huge aspect the Honors Society is focusing on.

Varghese continues, “Rho Kappa is going to do  voter registration, just as another way to give back to the community. We want to give students an opportunity to get more involved in the government process.”

“It’s going to be great for students to write college essays and applications by saying ‘I was in Rho Kappa and here’s what I did, ’” Mr. McCleave remarks.

The program seems to be very well received so far by students. Mr. McCleave thought that there would only be a few students that would like to join, but after starting, had a whopping 88 students sign up, but everything is up to administration.

“We’re waiting for feedback from them, and hopefully it works out, because we all love the group,” says Kapoor.

Even with such a large group of people,  Mr. McCleave still encourages people to join.

“We’re such a new society and encourage any sophomores that are out there and fit the criteria, should start thinking if they would like to join Rho Kappa next year because we are an amazing group of students, who do incredible things, especially for the community.” McCleave said.

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EHS Welcomes New Honors Society