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All the Black Women Magic

Tinsae Tadele, Editor

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Black women have always been the hidden pillars that hold our society up. Countless times people have tried to take credit for their art, discredit their voice, and hide their contributions to society.

Yet, time and again black women have risen above the oppressive standards that our society has placed on them.

In honor of Black History month, we celebrate black women who have shared their art and talents with us.

Amani Pearson believes that,  “It’s important to represent black women in art so that we can have our voices heard.”

Black women have been crucial in shaping the music that people have been listening to for decades. Even before black women could use the same bathrooms as white women, Etta James  crossed the racial divide in this country with her music. She was one of the first black R&B artists to have her singles at the top of the chart in the 60s.

Regardless of being under-appreciated, discredited, and oppressed because of being a black woman, James continued to shape the world we know today through her music.

Marguerite Johnson, more commonly known by her pen name Maya Angelou, is one of the most iconic authors of her time. Her work embodies the struggles she faced growing up as a black women. Angelou’s work goes in depth about her struggles and burdens she grew up living with.

“It’s important to appreciate black women in these fields because, more often than not, they are the biggest influencers for change,” says Rediate Negash.

Angelou used her words to become the voice for one of the most underrepresented groups in America. To this day, Angelou’s poems and books empower young black girls across the nation.

“When we silence black women, we as a society don’t progress and change,” replied Negash.

It was during the Harlem Renaissance that talented black artists were given a platform to showcase their art. Lois Mailou Jones utilized this opportunity and changed the art community through her art by encompassing open assertion and exploration of her dual heritage.

Jones’ efforts in the twentieth century demonstrated her command of mainstream traditions and became a powerful women who blazed a trail for many artists today.

Modern artists are also powerful trail blazers. Beyonce has used her platform to speak out about racial injustice on multiple occasions. She has used her social media presence, music videos, and her performances to speak out against racial injustice.

Mary Merid says,” Beyonce is one of the most influential artists right now and it’s important to notice her accomplishments because black youth can look up to them and follow in suit.”

Rihanna has openly spoken about races in the music industry as well. She has continuously been open about her own experiences while making business deals and about how the music industry is trying to demean many talented black artist.  She has also spoken about racism within the fashion community when it comes to culture appropriation.

“It crazy how people really want to undermine these black artist and then take credit for their work. We see people do this to the black community over and over again and we need to start celebrating these black women so people know that they can’t take credit for their work.” said Hannah Alemu.

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