2018 Wish Week at a Glance

The Eagle Quill Staff

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       2018 Wish Week has allowed Eaglecrest to carry on the tradition of giving back to the community and varying charities for years. This year’s Wish Week raised funds for the American Heart Associated in commemoration of beloved coach Armando Rodriguez’s passing earlier this year. The total fundraising goal was set to $10,000 with many teachers providing the added incentive of dyeing their hair red for every consecutive $1,000 raised. Student council provided programming for fundraising events and spirit days throughout the week to allow for additional student participation.

        Monday began with pajama day as the spirit theme and deals at Nothing Bundt Cakes and participating local restaurants throughout the week. Students were also offered the opportunity to play cornhole at lunch all week long as well.


        The second day of Wish Week began on Tuesday February 6th, 2018 with a hat day for all students and staff who chose to contribute to the American Heart Association with a $1.00 donation. Second period classes collected the donations, totaling to more than $600 towards the school-wide goal of $10,000. As of Friday February 9th, the total donations collected are at a grand total of $7,584.

    Senior Emma Priest reflected on Tuesday’s events by saying, “Students love when a spirit day breaks dress code, so they jump at the opportunity to do it. Of course, I’m sure students also would love to raise money for an important cause, especially when it hits close to home, like this year.”

      Students were also encouraged to wear their sport’s attire to additionally demonstrate their school spirit.

          Spanish teacher, Tim Brennan, demonstrated his involvement in Wish Week by wearing a F.C. Barcelona jersey recalling, “This jersey was one of my purchases from the 2017 school trip to Spain last spring. I bought it when the students and I visited Camp Nou.”

         Tuesday also included deals for students at the local Anthony’s pizza on Smoky Hill road where 15-20% off was offered to students with proceeds also going to the American Heart Association as well.


          The halfway point for Wish Week kicked off with Generation Day on Wednesday, February 7th. Student’s dress ranged from babies going to bed in onesies to old men and women with canes.

        The purpose of Generation Day wasn’t just humorous, it further raised awareness and donations for the American Heart Association in memory of Coach Rodriguez.

       Sarah Jenkins remarked with respect to Coach Rodriguez, “Heart disease and heart attacks can happen at any age, generation day at least in my mind shows that.”

        Like Jenkins, other students realized the significance of this week in particular and the exact cause behind it.

            Aliya Getchell stated, “You can really see the Raptor community coming together especially for someone who is so important to our community.”

         While there is a serious message behind the week, Student Leadership gave ways for students to still have fun while remembering what’s important.

         Generation Day gave students a chance to joke around and create their own personal connections with their outfits.     

      This ranged from using their parent’s old clothing to trying to recreate vintage outfits.

       Jenkins, while sporting a 90s look, said that, “Today for me was making fun of my mom. She’s my best friend and I wanted to have fun with that.”

          The student body realized this week isn’t like any other.

         While there may be fun days with a chance to change up styles everyday, the idea that prevails is that this week is for Rodriguez and his family.

         Stephen Veatch remarked, “It just made it even more personal for everyone. Even if you didn’t know Coach Armando you could see how many people he impacted. He gave Wish Week a deeper purpose.”


         Thursday, American Heart Association day, was perhaps the most emotionally charged spirit day of the week.

         The day was dedicated to Coach Armando, and students showed their support for the American Heart Association, Coach Armando, and his family and friends by wearing the Wish Week T-shirts, which were sold in the Activities Office and during lunch for $10.

         Karen Slusher, one of three Activities Directors reflects on the day, the shirt’s influence on the community and the Eaglecrest student body and staff: “[The shirts] are really clear of what we stand for.”

         As for the success of this years Wish Week shirts and participation in the spirit day, Slusher admits that, sometimes, “Wish Week shirts are kind of generalized, but this is one of the first ones in awhile that we’ve had directed towards the association that we’re donating money to.”

         About 315 of the 350 shirts were bought by students, staff, and the community, effectively raising over $3,000. The remainder will go to Coach Armando’s family and friends.

        That night, students packed Chili’s for restaurant night. Although the total funds raised is unknown as of February 13th, Administration believes it was successful.

        Zina Richardson, a student that has felt the personal effects of heart disease, honored Coach Armando by purchasing and wearing her Wish Week shirt.

       Richardson exclaims that “It honored Coach Armando because it showed that we were still thinking of him, that we miss him, and that we care.”          


     Friday started off with an uplifting beat. You could see the strong school spirit throughout students and staff and the color red filling the hallways.

         For students who entered through the main entrance, they were greeted with bagels and music available to all of the Eaglecrest community. The breakfast food was available to all who donated anything to the American Heart Association.

       It was ran by Leadership and AVID teacher, Rashaan Davis, Senior Jack Rust and Junior Serene Qadan.

        Kids from all over the school were attracted to the quality music and the tasty looking bagels with some cream cheese.

  Buckets were filled with change and bills.

Every Friday is a spirit day. Eaglecrest is embodied with a heightened sense of school spirit

         Senior, Tyrin Register who is a proud member of DECA and Positive Impact spoke on the importance of school spirit.

    “School spirit is definitely needed, all the time, not just Friday, but just during anytime that we have big events: Homecoming, Prom, and events such as Wish Week,” said Register.

         He is right our school spirit has led the school for years including Eaglecrest winning CHSAA’s Fall Back My Team competition.

        Friday was no different; the hallways were filled with different staff members who dyed their hair red in support of Wish Week. These included staff members Karen Slusher to Jim Curran.

         During the halftime of the Unified game, Boy’s basketball Coach and teacher, Jim Prager, was pied in the face by English teacher Angela Endly.

         Prager was pied in the fact after losing the battle with Mrs. Endly who raised more money than he had.

   Both teachers were a big part of the money brought in that week.

        The final event of the night was the Eaglecrest Boys basketball team who took on the Cherry Creek Bruins.   

       Sophomore and guard Zion Ruckard wanted to cap the week off on a high note coming into the game. “I’m looking forward to the crowd and jus the whole week having it come to a close, and having it be for a good cause,” stated Ruckard.

       The boys did just that as senior Brandon Bunn came through and hit the game winning shot to send everyone home smiling from cheek to cheek.

        The final score was 67-66 after the buzzer went off..

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