Girls Swim Participates in A-League Competition

Leo Nibbe, Reporter

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Swimming is quite possibly one of the toughest sports to master. However, we just so happen to have some very talented swimmers here at EHS. This talent is demonstrated in the fact that many swimmers were able to make it to A-League Swim and Dive Competition. Swimming competitions are divided by events, and leagues determine which events swimmers will participate in based upon the times they race. A-Leagues are the fastest bracket of swimmers although the state competition  follows after. This competition is exclusive as it requires swimmers to qualify based on timed performance. B-Leagues is the competition that precedes this where all swimmers are able to participate. Swimmers wouldn’t have made it this far if they hadn’t practiced and put in the hard work, and hadn’t loved swimming so much. Take, for example, Kamryn Crouthers. Crouthers made it to A leagues this year.

Crouthers dedicates a part of her life outside of school to her sport, whether it be in practice for upcoming events or general training.

On making it to A leagues again this year, Crouthers says, “A-leagues have always been one of my favorite meets. It means so much to me knowing that I get to be part of one of the top meets in the state. Leagues is always so exciting and it’s so amazing to see all the girls who make it work.”

Crouthers managed to make it to the 500 freestyle event and the 200 freestyle event this year for the league. She claims that the 200 freestyle was her favorite.

Lilia Selenke made it to A leagues as well this year.

She swam the 50 freestyle in the 200 medley relay and the 200 freestyle relay.

“The 50 freestyle is my favorite event because it’s a very fast and fierce race, and milliseconds make a big difference.” says Selenke.

Along with swimming, Selenke says she does cross country, but the two sports seasons align perfectly for her, as cross country comes before swim season and helps her get into shape for the upcoming swim season.

Selenke has made it to A leagues all four years of her high school career and has been swimming for a total of 7-8 years.

“Making it to A leagues and being able to swim at that meet is always very exciting and I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to go and compete at the next level before state.” says Selenke.

Junior  Kennedy Soureka who also made it to A-Leagues says, “I worked my butt off at practice the last couple weeks because I knew my goal for my senior year was to go to A leagues again.”

Kennedy says she pushed herself as hard as she could to make it to A leagues again this year, this year being her third year since sophomore year making it to the leagues. This year, she made it to the 400 freestyle relay, and claims her favorite event is the 50 freestyle.

“What motivates me to do well is seeing my time drop on the scoreboard everytime I finish a race.” says Soureka

All three of these girls did very well in their sport this year to have made it to the A leagues, but they are the few among many who made it to those leagues. They all work hard and practice to make it as far as they do, and keep their motivation piqued to do better and better each year. And there is always room for new and aspiring swimmers on the team!

“For everyone who wants to try and swim, please join! It was the best experience for me. I made so many new friends and made so many memories. The coaches are also always willing to work with you on improving your skills.” says Crouthers

Swimming is a fun sport filled with a loving swim-family and many opportunities to improve and make a plethora of memories.

“Don’t give up if you don’t do too great at first, and keep pushing yourself to become a better swimmer, and work as hard as you can.” says Soureka. If you wish to make it as far as they did, take the first step they recommend and join swim, and as long as you’re willing to put in the hard work and practice, you WILL make it to A leagues like they did, or maybe even state some day.

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