EHS Welcomes New Assistant Principal

Emma Lovato

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This April, Eaglecrest welcomed new assistant principal David Brown, the former principal of Endeavor Academy to the EHS administration.

Brown is joining staff after spending the past four years at Endeavor as the principal and assistant principal.

He will be filling the open spot left by Darren Knox who is returning to Cherry Creek High School this year.

Previous to being a high school counselor and administrator, Brown was a police officer for more than six years.

“ I had a change of heart with what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” Brown said.

Stuck with a decision between counseling and nursing, Brown ultimately chose counseling and was a college counselor before moving to high school counseling.

Brown said his desire to make a difference in the education community is what drove him to become an administrator after his time counseling.

He elaborated that a mentor and former principal of his, told him that if he wanted to make an impact he should move up to school administration.

“ I wanted to allow opportunities for more students to have access to all things in education.” Brown stated.

After working at an alternative education school, Brown said that he witnessed ways in which the education system needed to be fixed.

“ I was seeing that there were certain avenues that were available to some students and there were other avenues that were cut off to others and I wanted to make a bigger difference in that.”

Brown elaborated. “And so that’s really what boiled down to me moving to administration because I feel like I can make a bigger change on a bigger level.”

He added that his favorite part of being an assistant principal is interacting with students.

“[ I love] the ability to be able to interact with all of the students.” Brown said.

He continued, “ That I should have a chance every day when you come in the building and when you leave, I have a chance to make a difference. Even when it’s just in one student’s life that I had a chance to make that difference.”

Brown said that the biggest difference he experienced during the transition from Endeavor, a school of 285 students, to Eaglecrest is the size of the school. “ You have all the same challenges, you just have a lot more students to interact with.”

He said another difference is the addition of athletics and activities at such a big school.

Brown added that he is so far enjoying his time being an assistant principal t EHS, and while it’s too early for him to say what he wants to change, he knows he wants to make a positive impact on the community.

H commented, “ I just hope to be a great teammate to the administration team, a great advocate for the students.”

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