SAW (EHS Semi-Annual Art Show)

Art Courtesy of Vivienne Blanco

Art Courtesy of Vivienne Blanco

Tyler Hardin, Suendus Qureshi, and Leo Nibbe

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Art is just one of the many aspects that binds the Eaglecrest community together. Recently, there were some brilliantly creative pieces hung up in the art show. Upon visiting the library, there was an array of colors expressing depth of everyday situations, expression of human feelings that some of us wouldn’t even thought of, or echoes of what pains us in our everyday lives. The works from artists of all types of different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and more, were hung in this art show to allow others a chance to connect with the artistic expressions. And even those just dipping their toes into the world of art were included, and amazed by their true artistic accomplishments.

“Everyone has a certain concentration. We write about them and display them with our names.” Hollie Annesley, explains.

“We’re doing 12 pieces that have a common theme. My piece is the psychological side of how people hide behind certain things, and you don’t really see who they truly are until they reveal themselves you. And it’s cool because people are going to interpret it differently, so it’ll be fun to see what people say. Some people decided to take the simple approach, but personally, I wanted to get more in depth,” Lexi Ruiz, one of the youngest AP Art student, adds.

“This is my first time in the art show, but I am glad that I was a part of it,” claims Josh Gonzalez.

 This show can act as a window for students to realize the talent they had, and were frankly unaware of  beforehand. Gonzalez had a piece of photography presented in this most recent show:

“To me there is just something about photography and the process of getting an image to turn out, and just watching something you love come to the world for everyone else to enjoy with you.”

His art has made a positive impact  on his outlook on life, and potentially that of those who viewed his piece in the show, and he sought inspiration from an artistic content creator on YouTube, named Casey Neistat.

Another artist whom was featured in the art show was a junior named Giselle Medina. Medina has taken the class Drawing and Painting One. Unlike Gonzalez, Medina prefers to use acrylic paints to create her masterpieces.

“Acrylic paint is my favorite medium to use. I adore it’s simple use and the ease of  shading within the colors.” notes Medina.

She claims her painting doesn’t root from any particular inspiration, but the world around her has motivated her to use a large variety of colors to create her art. In a way, anyone’s inspiration can root from the world around them, but what makes that such a diverse window for creation is that everyone has a different interpretation of the world around them, which was clearly reflected in the works of art presented under Medina’s name in the art show.

Destiny Levin was another creative mastermind who injected her artistic talent into the beautiful appearance of the art show. Destiny prefers to use ink when creating her work, although the piece of hers that was entered into the show wasn’t composed of such a medium. This proves that art doesn’t need to be conducted using what you want, but rather what you have, as using what you have reaches back further into the creative section of your mind producing wonderful pieces all alike.

The art show is more than just a place to put art. Though it’s a great way to acknowledge the effort and time students put into their passion. “In a world that is truly cultural and diversely responsive, we have to acknowledge all parts of humanity.” Lisa Adams, AP art teacher, discusses. “And a big part of that is acknowledging kids creative mystery,”

“I think art is a great way to express myself and how people what I can do with my art,” Lexi Ruiz remarks. “Art is unique to every individual person and I think that’s why I like it so much.”

But art students aren’t only recognizing their art. “I’m most excited to see my friends’ work. It’s always great to see another side of art and I know they’ve worked so hard, so I want to be there to support them.” Annesley states.

Altogether, these few artists were among many who were represented by their works of art in the art show. Art binds those who even don’t create it themselves together with the people of the world, and opens pathways for connections with people some may have never thought possible. The art show was a fantastically creative event for artists and viewers alike, and hopefully has opened the world of art for classes moving up in the succession of our high school, and maybe even inspired some for life.

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