HEARD ( Jazz Concert)

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HEARD ( Jazz Concert)

Hawa Dansoko, Editor In Chief

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On Friday May 4th, Jazz 1 and 2 performed their last concert of the year. The melodic tunes were vibrant throughout the whole theater.

The concert was soothing and uplifted your soul. The concert lasted about 30 minutes with Eshaan Dutta as a feature for the song Europe. He produced lively beats which he played beautifully.

During the second half of the concert, band coach Jason Mabrey announced that they only had four and half weeks to get this performance done.

Jazz band members were asked what made them play such a powerful concert.“ What I like most about jazz is how free it is. It allows people to express themselves in ways that words can’t.” Ethan Ekleberry said.

Joey McGuire agreed and expanded on the influence of Jazz..“ The style of jazz is unique  compared to different types of music. Artists of jazz they get to improvise… I just like playing jazz because I can hear the groove”

“ My favorite thing about Jazz is how it can be slow and sweet but also fast and you can boogie. You can also dance to it and you can always get the urge to tap your foot. It’s the life of the party, and it’s a type of music that gets everyone involved.” Shea Greenberg voiced

Jazz students were asked what their favorite song that they played that night was, they were also asked why they liked that particular song,  “ My favorite was Bill on the grill, because it had all the different contrast from the gospel to the funk of the music” replied Ashleigh Wainionpaa

Shea Greenberg reminisced.“ My favorite song was.. Well that’s a hard one. Europa was beautiful because it had such a.. Groove to it. It was just amazing. And Apollo’s Reel was fun and different- it brought new ideas and there was always a new voice to be heard. I can’t choose between the two honestly.”

Joey McGuire also agreed that Europa was his favorite“ I like the Europa one because there was a guitar feature in it, the guitar distortion sounds pretty cool.”

The members also reflected on how being apart of Jazz Band shaped them as a person

“ It has really brought me into the kind of person I am… music is a big part of my life i’ve been doing it for a pretty long time. I would be a different person without it.” voiced Joey McGuire.

“ From this concert I think you should take away that, music is something that can save yourself and  it has saved a lot of people” responded Ashleigh Wainionpaa.

“ It lets me get my personality out more, I get to work with more people” responded  Wyatt Haman

The students were asked what everyone should take away from the performance, “Everyone should take away that jazz is a music to be heard. It’s fun and inviting. It deserves more attention because it brings people together. “ voiced Shea Greenberg

Tyler Haman addressed the issue of many members of Jazz leaving the band,“ Even though we’re losing a lot of people fro this year we’re still really good” replied Wyatt Haman

Ethan Ekleberry noted that they were given a very short amount of time to accomplish the concert “ If there’s something someone should take away from this concert it’s that we should all push until the very last second. We only have a few few rehearsals to put everything together and I thought we did so very well because we persevered and didn’t give up”

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