Daring Daniels Winner

Hawa Dansoko, Editor-in-chief

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The Daniels Fund has recently announced their scholars, one of whom is Eaglecrest senior, Djelika Dansoko. The Daniels Fund is a prestigious scholarship that offers a full ride to one of its twenty four partner schools.  The Daniels Fund caters to students who demonstrate financial need, and leadership potential, and are graduating seniors in high school.

While relaying how she got the fund Dansoko said, “My sister Hawa checked the mail that day and came barging in my room with the letter and I had a freakout out moment then opened the letter.”

When Dansoko was asked how she celebrated she said  “My family and I went to my favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, I feasted on favorite foods.”

Recounting the events of the day, Dansoko explained how much the scholarship meant to her,  “I have all these ambitious goals, that when I’m being honest with myself, I couldn’t afford. Getting the Daniel Funds gives me a way to make my dreams into a reality, it also means that people see qualities in me that I believe that are core values for me.”

Reflecting on what might’ve made her stand out Dansoko stated, “I don’t necessarily know what made me stand out; all the finalists were extremely qualified… Maybe I stood out  because I tried to be as genuine as possible and tried to be myself. I answered all of their questions with as much details as I could and gave specific details. Maybe it’s because I applied interview tips I got from the mock interview I had with the counseling team. Or maybe it was my letter of recommendation from Mr. Proctor. Either way, I’m happy I did.”

Dansoko is involved in various activities, she’s president of French National Honor Society, a member of Spanish National Honor Society,  International Studies, Honors Diploma, Science National Honor Society, and National Honor Society. “ I think being involved in my school, has really embolden my character,”  said Dansoko

She is dedicated to serving the community. She volunteers at Project C.U.R.E (an organization that sends medical supplies to countries in need) , she’s a camp counselor at High Trails and she also tutors.

“One community service that has impacted me is High Trails. High Trials impacted me because I improved my leadership skills and I got to work with kids from Aspen Crossing,” Dansoko explained.

Dansoko emphasized the importance of community service. “I think being involved in your community makes you stand out as a candidate. It’s something that the scholarship committee looks for. Also it has personal benefits.”

In terms of the future, Dansoko plans on attending CU Boulder as the next step to becoming a pediatrician.  “I chose CU Boulder because they have a great biology program, and also they’ve offered me a space on their honors program which would make my application to Medical school more competitive.”

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