Freedom of the Press

Kaitlyn Weifenbach, Reporter

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As citizens of the United States, we share the basic right of freedom of the press.  Our freedom allows us the right to speak our minds and be kept informed about the world around us.  


The press is an important tool that connects our public to the important issues that should be known among us.  Eliminating our freedom of press, is the destruction of the bridge that unites us as a country.


President Trump’s blatant disgust with the press is a disturbance to us as human beings.  Trump is undermining our ability to be informed, therefore challenging our democracy. One of the purposes of the press is to build strong relationships between our government and its citizens.  


Donald Trump, as our president, should be one of our greatest supporters as informants. Instead of building a partnership amongst the press and himself, Trump is more perturbed about defending his own words and blaming the press.  If Trump cannot build a relationship with the press, how can we expect his help in uniting our country?

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