EHS Raptors Jam-Packed the Rally

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EHS Raptors Jam-Packed the Rally

Hawa Dansoko, Editor- in - Chief

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The annual Raptor Rally took place on the first friday of the school week, August 17.

Many people from the community gathered to participate in the joyful event. Raptor Rally first started in the East Gym right after school, students gathered around the crowded gym full of amusement to learn the chants of the school. Cheerleading and Poms performed at the assembly. Band and color guard were also present. The atmosphere in the gym mimicked a typical Friday night football game.


“My favorite thing about Raptor Rally is seeing everyone come together in red.” Student Body Vice President, and a performer of one of the chants at Raptor Rally, Bethanie Craft responded.


The first 200 people in the gymnasium got the chance to get a free raptor phone accessory. As the pep rally got the students rallied up, the rest of the events prepared for the flood of people to come outside.


“My favorite thing about Raptor Rally is getting to spend time with my friends and support the school.” Said Suendus Qureshi.


“ My favorite thing about raptor rally is hanging out with all my friends, eating food, and watching our football team!” Olivia Leath enthusiastically expressed.


There were various scrimmages from fall sports including volleyball, football, soccer , and lacrosse.

Raptor Rally gets a lot of fanfare because of its various food options from Krispy Kreme to authentic tacos.  “Not to be biased or anything because I’m in DECA , but my favorite food at Raptor Rally is the tacos in a bag that DECA makes.” Suendus Qureshi vocalized.

“My Favorite food is The DECA taco in a bag, Latina Unitas Tacos, and  all desserts.” Bethanie Craft said


The Thespian club also has a very popular stand at Raptor Rally as customers pay to “pie a thespian” in the face.  


Not everyone is a fan of the food at Raptor Rally “My favorite food at raptor rally is literally nothing because everything there is trash” Olivia Leath voiced.


Most Eaglecrest students went to Raptor Rally when they were young and continue to go every year. This event brings the community together each year.


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