Raptors Welcome New Student Leadership

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Raptors Welcome New Student Leadership

Leo Nibbe, Reporter

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The world at EHS can be a confusing and exciting place. The student life is a messy, thrilling adventure, especially in high school. But despite what hardships we all encounter, we always pull together, yet it wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have some people to guide us. And that is exactly the goal of the student body leaders at EHS.

Student body leaders are here to support, represent, and guide the student population. They are here to set positive examples for those who need it, and motivate us to do our best, after all, they are students in the community just like everyone else.

For example, meet Jaden Brumage. She loves to be outside, and especially enjoys snowboarding as she has been perfecting her skills since she was eight. She adores her friends and enjoys watching movies.  

She wanted to become a leader in the student body because,” I’ve always envisioned myself as helping the student body connect and communicate…”

Brumage is the Director of Communications, responsible for keeping records within student council, taking notes, tracking dates, and maintaining calendars. Her goal this year is to fulfill her duties as Director of Communications.

” Don’t hesitate to reach out to student council if you want to see something happen at school. ” adds Brumage.

Sarah Marcel, who is the Director Of Student Advocacy, aspired to be a leader who could add more perspective on what the students want by making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

“My goal this year is to make that connection with the students stronger.” affirms Marcel.  

She is full of school spirit and encourages students to take pride in their school and the accomplishments we’ve all made together. Marcel watches shows on Netflix, as well as spends time with her pets. She wants students to reach out and communicate what they’re thinking and to have school spirit because it always makes the events more fun.

Outside of school, Dulce Garcia spends time with her friends and family, as well as draw. Garcia decided to join because she wanted to give back to the Eaglecrest community.

“The school’s done so much for me so I wanted to give something in return.”says Garcia.

Garcia is the junior class president, which entails speaking for and representing the junior class in ways that wouldn’t be achievable by the rest of the class. Her goal this year is to promote and build stronger communications between students, staff and admin.

”My advice to the student body is to not be afraid to be honest with us. We truly take into consideration any feedback we get.” Garcia proclaims.

Rian Nelson has the role of historian, which entails helping others understand what leadership programs do and showing the rest of the Cherry Creek School District what Eaglecrest looks like.

“I wanted to become a student body leader to challenge myself and hopefully represent the diversity and sheer awesomeness that is our community.” Nelson notes.

The student body is more than event planners, they change and develop as the community at Eaglecrest does. The student body also assembles events that students may find boring, more entertaining.

She also feels it is very important to be able to communicate within the community.

“A community that addresses the needs of our population and celebrates our differences is a quality one. However we don’t have every view point and if there is a dire need for something we just aren’t seeing, reach out. We can’t fix it unless you tell us,” Rian continues.


“A lot of people don’t have a support system. I wanted to share what I have with others and I thought becoming a student leader would be the best way to connect to others,” Alexis Cook, the student body president says.

Our student body president, and student council member, helps administration connect with the student body and makes sure everyone feels like they have a place to belong.

Outside of school Cook spends time helping others by volunteering with her grandmother at a nursing clinic. Not only does she help those in her community but she wants people “to feel like this [Eaglecrest]  is a comfortable place to be themselves and grow into who they want to become.”
Cook suggests that students become invested in the school itself by demonstrating school spirit.

“Your high school experience will be 50x better if you don’t care what people think and be an active participant in school,” She adds.

The sophomore class president, student council member,and soccer player, Julia Blethen speaks for the class of 2021. She has always wanted to represent something bigger than herself and make a difference with  her peers.

She wants to make sure that “ your time at Eaglecrest is one of the best times that you will ever have!”

To ensure this she suggests that if you have something to say, tell someone.

The student body leaders are here to support and repartant the student community here at Eaglecrest. They are here for you in those respects, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you want to see change, need support, or have feedback on your representation through them. The

Eaglecrest student body will only grow stronger the more we bond and interact with each other, and these leaders are here to help that growth for as long as they’re able.

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