Raptor Volleyball Hosts Eaglecrest Varsity Invitational Tournament

Kaitlyn Weifenbach, Reporter

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Lady Raptors Volleyball are relentless this season! After going undefeated for their first seven games in a row, the team took an unfortunate loss last Saturday, September 15, at the Eaglecrest Varsity Invitational.

The team ended day 1 of the annual Eaglecrest Varsity Invitational tournament, last Friday, September 14, winning their first two matches against Brighton and Cheyenne Mountain.

Raptors won round one of the tournament, defeating Brighton with a 3-0 victory. Finishing the match with zero sets lost.

Round three of the tournament on Friday, September 14, was also a win for the Raptors. Cheyenne Mountain took a hard 3-0 defeat against the team.

Going into day 2 of the tournament undefeated, last Saturday, September 15, the team had their first defeat against Fossil Ridge. With a surprising 3-1 defeat, the team marked their first loss of the season.

“On day 1, our energy was way higher,” claims Savannah Holt, “ Then day two we came in tired.”

Round 3 of the second day of the tournament ended similarly to the match against Fossil Ridge. The girls lost their second match of the season 3-2 against Denver East.

Holt says that on Saturday, September 15, “The teams were a lot harder, so we had to work harder.”

Raptors placed third overall in the tournament, so while it may not have been their best, the team kept their heads held high.

Malia Jones added about the tournament, “I think the tournament went ok. We were in the Championship bracket, but there are definitely still things we need to work on.”

The team plans to use this weekend as a learning experience in order to do better in their future matches. After a successful start of the season, this roadblock will be taken as a tool to help them win more matches as the season progresses.

This tournament should not be seen as the end of a winning streak, but as a start to an even better end to the season.

“ We may not have done our best today,” Jones said after the last game on Saturday, September 15, “ But that’s something we can learn and grow from as a team.”

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