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Smallfoot Makes Big Impression

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Smallfoot Makes Big Impression

Alexis Conaway, Reporter

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Smallfoot came out in theaters on September 28. Within a week, the box office made over $23 million, compared to the movie Frozen in 2013, which made $1.3 million. The movie, directed toward a younger audience, was a hit for all ages. Rotten Tomatoes, a popular rating company, gave Smallfoot a 6.3/10 rating, a 71%, making it into the top box office along with Crazy Rich Asians and The Nun.

Warner Animation Group hired Karey Kirkpatrick to direct the animated movie. Kirkpatrick has directed other movies including Smurfs 2, Charlotte’s Web, Over the Hedge, and The Santa Clause 3. This is not the first time Kirkpatrick worked with Warner Bros, directing Loony Toons: Back in Action as well. Casting of Smallfoot included LeBron James, Zendaya, Channing Tatum, Danny DeVito, and many other well known actors and actresses.

Not only did the actors and actresses put many hours into making this movie, animators with Warner Bros put just as much work, if not more, into making each second in the movie. Ten storyboard artists, five vision development artists, and two character designers made up the art department in the movie. The animation portion of Smallfoot consisted of nine senior animators, five story artists, seven layout artists, and over ten animation artists.

The idea put behind Smallfoot was well thought out on the belief of telling a story about the moral of saying the truth and how lying can deceive a person, while entertaining the audience with a fantasy and musically filled movie. There was not a song every scene, though when there was a song, it did not want to make the average teenager cringe about the corniness. The songs themselves were enjoyable and did not get stuck annoyingly in a person’s head like many childrens movies do. The background stories within the film was well thought out and had the nice element of stone art and deeper details. The humor behind one character, Fleem, was refreshing and a nice change to the other serious, and more “down to earth” characters.

However, the plot itself was predictable. Like almost every animated movie for kids, there has to be a happy ending otherwise family’s go home with angry kids. There was one detail at the end that could not be expected, but was welcomed. At the beginning of the movie, as the main character was speaking about his world there are details that, in the real world, they are clearly made up. Due to its predictiability, some people who do not have a younger audience, would not buy the movie on dvd. Overall, Smallfoot was an enjoyable movie that one could watch if they needed a laugh.

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Smallfoot Makes Big Impression