Twenty One Pilots: Back on the Radar

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Twenty One Pilots: Back on the Radar

Tyler Hardin and Leo Nibbe

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After an extensive, year long hiatus from the Blurryface era, the band Twenty One Pilots have released their new album, entitled: Trench. The album consists of 14 songs with an album run time of 56 minutes. The songs are different from their cliques initial expectations, as the band seems to relate back towards their first album, self titled Twenty-One Pilots with the slow, melancholy pace of the songs.

This 5th album is a continuation of the story set in place in the previous album Blurryface. The band had released 4 songs before the official release on Oct. 5th, giving fans a taste of their much anticipated album. They have experienced issues with this album being leaked, but fortunately they brushed it off and released Trench with gusto and fans loved it.

As mentioned before, this album resembles to tone of their self-titled album, but adds a few more upbeat and fast-paced songs, that inspire a feeling of hope within listeners. It is truly fulfilling of fans expectations after them being gone for so long. Here’s a quick run-down of the songs off this album:

||-// 1 Jumpsuit: Jumpsuit was the first song released before release date, and was accompanied by an emotional and story-setting music video. This song has some heavy bass lines, and is probably one of the most intense songs on the album. It is very energetic and sets the mood for the rest of the album.

2- Levitate: Levitate blew fan’s minds with an astounding bpm. Tyler Joseph (lead singer) raps as fast as he can, and the song resembles to HeavyDirtySoul, a similar song from Blurryface. This song was another early, and challenged fans to begin memorizing the lyrics to rap Levitate when they see the band in concert. It is very fast paced and continues the mood established by Jumpsuit, only to begin to taper off in coming songs.   

3- Morph: Morph is one of the first songs that can easily show the relation to the band’s first album with it’s pacing of the beat and lyrics. The song is the first in the album that was unheard until the release day.

4- My Blood: My Blood was the last of the early releases and had a video come out the same day as the album did. The video featured the lead singer playing the bass lines to the song, and moving to the beat. After the full album released, the band uploaded an intense and extremely emotional music video, and fans were awestruck.

5- Chlorine: Chlorine is one of the more upbeat sounding songs. It has an interesting use of reverb during the becoming and end of the song also.

6- Smithereens: Smithereens is all about what you would do for someone you care about.

7- Neon Gravestones: Neon Gravestones probably has the closest sound to any other song on the self titled album Twenty One Pilots with the more downbeat and “talk-rapping” style is used heavily.

8- The Hype: In The Hype the reverts to their infamous tunes played on the ukulele, and as suggested in the title, brings the mood backup and hypes the fans further for this album.

9- Nico and the Niners: The second half of the original teaser, the lyrics make analogies to the other songs with the mention of a jumpsuit and “higher when I’m heavy” referencing Levitate. This song has the same heavy tone as jumpsuit, and connects the story the band builds together a bit further.

10- Cut My Lip: This song adds to the rebellious themes within the songs and story the band has created. It oozes similarities towards Blurryface, with its melancholy tone and lyrics.

11- Bandito: This song adds more of an acoustic and melancholy flair to the album, and ties back to the name of their upcoming tour, and even gives some context to the characters in their music videos.

12- Pet Cheetah: Pet Cheetah adds somewhat of a lighthearted theme to the otherwise intense tone of the album as a whole, and keeps the fans spirits up as they venture through these quirky sounds.

13- Legend: Legend adds another intense theme to the album, being the second to last song, adding suspense before the closing song of the album, a very conclusive yet very well made song.

||-// 14 Leave The City: This song finishes off the album and story (for now) lyrically, and adds the final mixed tone of both melancholy and upbeat to end the album perfectly.


The clique has much anticipated this album for over a year, and it definitely met expectations with its variating, quirky beats. The boys are back, and the clique is ready, and the album is about to start a whole new era of bonding and music to the world.

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