Coach Resigns After First Game

Aliya Getchell, Reporter

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On August 29th, Coach Delaney resigned and posted his resignation letter on Twitter. Teachers, parents, our principal, and a multitude of sports players have stated their opinions on things he said in his letter since then. Within this time period, our Varsity football team has also won two games under the new head coach Garrett Looney. Trevor Barrios commented that “We’ve all dealt with adversity over the last couple of years as a team, and we’re gonna finish what we started.” Now that the commotion of his resignation has passed, we must focus on the effects that have rippled through our school.

His resignation letter sparked huge interest in the conditions of the practice fields and classroom resources. In response to his letter Faith Vigil, a social studies teacher, states that “Wherever the school or district falls short, we know who to go to to get what we need to have a successful classroom and setup for our students.” Resources for our classrooms are being improved upon every day. In the middle of September, all the AP US History classes acquired new textbooks for their classes. This allows classrooms to have a class set while students keep a personal book for homework. Our principal, Gwen Hansen-Vigil believes “Our school district is quite fortunate to have benefitted from bond and budget elections from our community. We have a greater district community that supports education for kids.”

Because the funding for all Cherry Creek schools is managed at the district level, all records are public. Based off of the records from the Cherry Creek School District website, the budget for Eaglecrest supplies and materials is 539,263 dollars for the 2018-2019 school year. This increased 25,827 dollars from 2017-2018 EHS supplies and materials budget.. In 2012, the budget and bond election aided district budget distribution with 150 million dollars by raising property taxes eight dollars for owners of homes in the district. The budget election covered operating expenses; the bond election provided money for capital expenses.

Along with money for supplies and materials, the athletic budget, overseen by the district, is 462,763 dollars for this year. An additional 670,090 dollars is budgeted for utilities. The utilities budget has increased 104,045 dollars from the 2017-2018 school year.. “I think our school, to me, looks better and better every day, month, year I’ve been teaching here.” stated Vigil. All maintenance for fields are overseen at the district level. When Hansen-Vigil was asked what improvements were done on the fields this summer she said that, “There were some complicating factors. Our tennis courts were resurfaced this summer and the people doing the work had to shut the water down on part of the practice fields” she continued saying “On the weekend before Coach Delaney resigned, there was a pipe sprinkler system that broke below ground and flooded the field.” Fields need constant care that can only be done when people aren’t using those fields. Since EHS fields are in constant use, it is hard to do the required maintenance they always need.

The football team has shown great strength since his resignation. Our team has held on to the title of undefeated despite a major coaching change. Tyler Dufour states “We have preached all year that no one man is higher than the team including the head coach.” Our football team has shown their unity since his resignation and the student body looks forward to seeing where the team goes this season.

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