Cheerleaders Kick-start Competition Season With a Win

Kaitlyn Weifenbach, Reporter

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The cheerleaders ruled the mats at their first two competitions of the season. All three teams: Freshman, JV, and Varsity, placed number one at their first competition of the season on Saturday, October 20th. Taking place at Smoky Hill High School, every team won first place on their performances, and Varsity won first on their game-day routine as well, at their first competition. Varsity also took first place at their second competition of the season on Saturday, October 27th, in Pueblo. After having great spirit for many other sports teams at Eaglecrest, it’s the cheerleaders time to shine.

There are two sections of the competitions, the actual competition portion, and the game-day portion of the competition. The teams perform their full routine during the competition section. During the game-day division of the competition, the team performs the specific chants they have come up with for the sidelines of games. An announcer tells the team a certain play that could happen, and the cheerleaders perform the cheer that goes with that play.

The varsity team has started the competition season strong this year, taking first place in the competition section of the first two cheer competitions, and taking first in the game-day portion of the first competition. They took third place in their second competition for game-day.

The Ladybugs are strong not only in their competitions, but also in their chemistry as a team.  

Carley Capra expresses her opinion on the team’s atmosphere, “ I think this year we have something very special. Our bond, and the atmosphere between us, is something that Eaglecrest hasn’t had in awhile.”

This team chemistry is especially important because these girls see eachother everyday, and they each play an important role in cheering for everyone in the school.

Though the team has started the season strong, they can still improve to make the rest of the season even better.

Jessica Howsare states her opinion on how the team can continue to improve as they move forward, “ Our team has already set the bar pretty high for this early in the season, but there’s always more we can improve. The biggest things to improve on would be hitting our stunts repetitively to get all of our reps in so we have more confidence at competition.”  

There is always something higher to achieve to, and these girls will get there together.

With Leagues just around the corner, next Wednesday, November 7th , the team is prepared to battle. It’s time for their fellow raptors to start encouraging them to win; it’s time to cheer for the cheerleaders. This is just the start to a great season, and they will only achieve more from here.

Bailey Usher agrees with this, “ We will show improvement in each routine we do by working together, working hard, and just having fun.”

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