Varsity Cheer Takes First at Centennial League Competition

Kaitlyn Weifenbach, Reporter

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Varsity Cheerleading excelled at Leagues on November 7th, taking first place overall in the competition. With such a clean, exciting routine, the girls gave a true representation of their immense athleticism throughout their performance.

The Centennial League Competition was held at Cherokee Trail High School, and consisted of the many teams well known to Eaglecrest. Teams from Grandview, Cherry Creek, and Cherokee Trail were amongst these well known competitors. With the competition being so close to home, taking first place at Cherokee Trail made an even larger impact to the Raptor community than other competitions.

As an active EHS community member, Leila Morris shares her opinion of the competition, “The cheerleaders represented us so well. Our community came together to support and chant along with the cheerleaders, creating an unforgettable moment on the mat and in the stands.” The competition may have been hosted by CT, but the stands were filled with red and black.

After not winning Leagues for many years in a row, taking first place in another team’s school is a huge achievement for the Ladybugs. It gives a great example of the overall persistence and hard work from the team; their great efforts finally shining through.

As a senior on the team, Alexis Hawkins shares her take on the team’s extensive grit, “It was just very shocking. Even though we have done very well, we haven’t won Leagues in a while. It was great to finally prove ourselves.” After working hard for many years, the team finally won for the first time since 2013.

Hawkins also believes that the raptor spirit played a role in their success, “It felt really good to see the people from volleyball, basketball, and football there to support the people who always support them.”

Not only do the cheerleaders practice every weekday, but they all so show up to support at volleyball, basketball, and football games. It’s only fair that the girls get the same attention. ZaaRya Mitchell agrees with Hawkins saying, “It was really nice because everyone was jumping for us. It was nice to know that we have people who support us too.”

Winning at Leagues was a great boost to the team’s motivation. Their success will inspire them to win more competitions in the future, State Championship included. Mitchell expresses her opinion on the influence of their win, “I think it will push us to do even better, and keep working hard.”

Taking first place at Leagues is a huge step in right direction in preparing for the State Championships. Valeria Vazquez also shares her thoughts on the competition, “It’s like a really big tradition, and since we haven’t won it in like four or five years, it was a really big deal to all of us. We all really loved that the crowd was there, and we hope to have the same support in the future for State.”

This is definitely not the end of the road for the cheerleaders, and there will be more opportunities for Raptors to cheer them on. CHSAA State Championships from December 7-8, is a perfect place to show your Raptor spirit.

The Varsity Cheerleaders set an example that should be noticed by the rest of the school, as said by Leila Morris “At the cheer performance, I was so proud to be a Raptor.”

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