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Seniors Contemplate College Applications

Saron Bitew, News Editor

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If you are anything like me, you are currently going through the inevitable stress of college applications. The essays, financial aid forms, scholarships forms, college searches, etc. seem never ending as you try to navigate this next chapter of life: college. I feel like I can barely stay afloat with finals approaching and applications nearing their deadlines. The only thing that has really helped me get it together would have to be the Counseling Department along with the College and Career Center. Without the help of my counselor, Mrs. Heidi McClure, and Mrs. Meghan Green’s aid in the College and Career Center, I would be much more of a mess than I am now. If you are graduating this year, and need some last minute tips to get through your college applications, look to the Counseling Department and the College and Career Center.

Since most college applications require an essay or two or three or however many, it can be hard to know if your content and writing skills are up to par. Therefore, it is best to contact your counselor and and see if they are available to go over your essay. In the event that they are not available, you can always ask your English teacher for assistance. Remember, counselors and teachers are busy at this time of year too, so it is recommended that you make an appointment to go over your essay.

I’ve probably written at least twenty essays and short responses and I highly recommend reusing essays that fit other applications for separate colleges and scholarships. Once you get one of your essays checked, if you find that it fits into another prompt for another application then its safe to reuse it. But please don’t misinterpret this and use the same essay all the way through for one college application.

Although it may seem like most regular admissions applications end at the beginning of January, most merit scholarship deadlines end sometime in December so be sure to check in on scholarship deadlines for your schools and get that coin. In the very rare case that you haven’t even started your college applications, this is your wake-up call to get started as soon as possible. Mrs. McClure said, “Get started. Number 1, figure out where you are applying, and then number 2, figure out what the application requirements are. There is a lot of time over the holiday break to be working on your applications since you might not have as much homework. As soon as you get back from break, request your transcripts.” It is not too late to get your applications done, but you should start doing your research as soon as possible.

Although it may seem stressful to complete your applications, there are resources outside of school that could help you through the process. If you go to the counseling page on the Eaglecrest website, there is a link to some websites that may help you with your college and scholarship search. The link features websites like Naviance, College Data, Big Future, etc. I, personally, discovered the website, which connects high school students with tutors to look over their college application essays and prepare them for the overall process. Even though I started using it my senior year, you can start earlier on in high school, so that it schedules when you should start testing, writing your essays, and submitting applications.

Although writing an essay may seem simple when you initially think about it, believe me when I tell you that making sure your voice is reflected well is vital. The whole point of writing an essay is letting admissions know who you are from a more personal perspective, so don’t be surprised if you end up writing multiple versions of your essay. Just make sure that you have a close superior look over it so that they can let you know if your voice is reflected well and grammar isn’t an issue.

Mrs. Cindy Cooper said, “ Before you write your essays, look over your prompts and options. The common applications usually has ten essays to pick from, so after you pick an essays backtrack to finding resources.”

Juniors should proceed to start writing their essays before their senior year. The school has a lot of advantageous resources, such as workshops and faculty to help you get through writing your essays.

Mrs. Cooper stated, “We hold a college essay workshop over the summer, and you can always go to your English teacher for help.”

As you progress into the next chapter of your life that is college, don’t let the process intimate you. Whether you are a junior or a senior, start your college applications soon and prepare for the opportunities that it will bring.


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Seniors Contemplate College Applications