Boys Basketball Bouncing Into the New Season

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Boys Basketball Bouncing Into the New Season

Kaitlyn Weifenbach, Reporter

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Raptor’s Varsity boys basketball team has had an amazing season this year, their current stats being 12-7 overall and ranked 12th in Colorado. The 12 victories should definitely be celebrated, and the Raptor’s work ethic was obvious throughout the season.

Working hard at practices every week, Raptor’s gave their all at every game. Continuing to improve from last year, the team managed to overcome losses from the previous season. Their win against Mullen is one example of their success this year.

Boys basketball rocked the court Saturday, January 12, 2019. With a 74-64 win against Mullen, the Raptors demonstrated immense grit throughout the entire game. The score was very close through the majority of the game, but the boys managed to pull through in the end. Skylar Wilson states his opinion of how the game went as a whole, “I thought it was good. I know that we can improve defensively, and there is always some to do better offensively.” Even though the Raptors were victorious against Mullen, there are always other things to improve upon for their future games.

Zion Ruckard’s influence on the team is obvious, especially on the offensive side. As one of the most impactful members of the team, Ruckard shares his opinion of the Raptor’s overall efforts at the game, “We stayed together really well. We executed our game plan for the most part, and really locked down defensively.”

Aaron Bokol’s influence on the team was also shown throughout the entire game, and his positivity on and off the court has been  demonstrated in his teamwork throughout the season so far.

Bokol expressed his own view of the team as whole, “Last year Mullen beat us twice which was disappointing, so to come out and win felt pretty good to us.” After winning against Mullen with a final score of 74 – 64, the Raptor’s should be proud of their improvement over last year. Their victory is just another demonstration of a more successful season for the Raptors.

Raptor fan Dulce Garcia shares her own excitement over the game and remaining season, “It was a great experience. I love basketball, and I feel like a bigger student section would show better support for them.” The team did exceptionally well, and a bigger student section is important in order to encourage the Raptors for their future games as well.

The team will continue to improve through the rest of the season, and Bokol shares this view by saying, “Right now we are feeling more confident. We are feeling pretty good and doing pretty good. We keep on gaining more confidence, and I think this team will do some great things this year.” Their win against Mullen was impressive, and was just the start to an amazing season for the boys this season. Throughout the remainder of their season, the Raptor’s managed to accomplish many of their goals, and this showed in an 82-80  win in a rival game against Smoky Hill on January 23rd.

At the time of press information was unavailable regarding Saturday the 9ths game against Arapahoe, however; you can catch the boys in action at EHS next Wednesday, February 13th against Grandview.

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