Choose Your Own Movie

Tyler Hardin, Reporter

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The newest addition to the Netflix series Black Mirror comes Black Mirror– Bandersnatch. The choose your own adventure movie made by Netflix aired on December 27th and quickly took social media by storm. This series of shows left many wondering where this movie fits in to the overall Black Mirror universe and what choices led to which ending.

The movie follows the young programer Stefan Butler as he attempts to turn one of his favorite choose your own adventure books, Bandersnatch, into a video game in 1984. The first choice you, the viewer, are given is simple and seemingly harmless, because it is. The first choice is between your breakfast cereal that day: Frosties or Sugar Puffs but many other choices are not that tame. One of these less harmless choices makes you decide whether to bury a body or chop it into pieces.

One of the stories biggest underlying themes is about Stefan’s mother. When he was a child he made his mom late for a train causing her to take a different one, which crashed and killed her. Stefan’s mother’s death plays an important role in the story because it is something that affects Stefan in between the viewers choices and even has to do majorly with one of the 5 different endings.

But not everything has been smooth for Bandersnatch. Recently the publishing company Chooseco LLC has sued the company for $25 million or the profits the movie made for the use of the sentence “Choose your own adventure” which originates from the book. The company also claims that the imagery shown in the movie such as drug use, violence, and demonic presences tarnishes the brand of the books and company itself. Many people also feel that the endings given were not suitable for what they wanted. Out of all of the endings there is no true “happy ending” where Stefan releases his game and does no harm to anyone. The ending with one of the best outcomes is when Stefan goes to prison for murder and his friend’s daughter (who is only a baby during the main part of the story) finishes Bandersnatch many years later.

The possibility of more “choose your own adventure” entertainment like movies or t.v could very well become more of a standard especially on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu when they are as entertaining and intuitive as they are.

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