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Tyler Hardin, Reporter

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Ariana Grande- 7 Rings

Ariana’s newest song 7 Rings instantly became a hit when it was released January 18th but was also met with criticism quickly after many people claimed that it was plagiarized from artists like Soulja Boy and Princess Nokia. But either way still became a massive success and it is an overall great song to listen to in most any mood.


Dodie Clark-  Human

Clark’s first full album debuted as number 5 on the new entry chart and quickly rose to fame in other places like Billboard. Her music is much more slow and calm than the majority of the music you hear today especially on an album that has become as successful as this one.


Dua Lipa-  Swan Song

Made for the movie Alita: Battle Angel, the video that dropped along with the song was portrayed very post-apocalyptic and dark. The song sticks to brand for Dua with her now iconic pop voice and not-gonna-let-you-bring-me-down attitude. Although it is a good song, it seems similar to other songs you would hear on the radio after you pass the beginning.


Sam Smith & Normani- Dancing With a Stranger

Sam Smith collabs with Normani in Dancing With a Stranger. In regular Sam Smith fashion, the song talks about needing someone to love, and with Normani’s fashion a more “club style” beat and lyric use. The song honestly fits into a party aspect more than casual listening, the beat and lyrics make for a more energetic mood.

Cole- Middle Child

The newest release from J. Cole has been talked about all over social media. The song has a more calm sound with the bass and trumpets that sound different than a majority of the big rap songs you normally hear. Even though rap isn’t the type of music that I normally listen to, this song was very good.


Billie Eilish- When I was Older

Billie Eilish’s new song premiered on the golden globe winning movie Roma. The song talks about regrets as a child that you may look back on as an adult. It doesn’t have the average sound of Eilish with more bass and autotune. The is good song to listen to when you are working on something like homework or a piece of art because it isn’t very lyric heavy but still entertains you.

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