Bumblebee: New Transformers Movie

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Bumblebee: New Transformers Movie

Kaitlyn Weifenbach, Reporter

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Bumblebee, released December 21, 2018, is a great new movie for all science fiction fans. With such a fun, light-hearted storyline, this film is really enjoyable for all audiences.  Following a theme of self-discovery, Bumblebee hits every emotion in an incredible way.

In this most recent addition to the Transformers movie series, we get a peek into the history of, fan-favorite, Bumblebee. The film takes us on the journey of how Bumblebee came to Earth, and how he managed to stay hidden in a junkyard in a small beach town in California. When, newly turned 18 year old, Charlie, finds Bumblebee in a broken state, she manages to revive him. Building an incredible friendship, Charlie and Bumblebee work together in keeping Bumblebee safe from the Decepticons.

The action scenes in this film were also very well done. The tension between the military and the Decepticons was portrayed extremely well, and the fight scenes between the autobots and the Decepticons were very entertaining to watch. These action scenes were even more engaging because I truly wanted Bumblebee to win. They also portrayed the emotions between Charlie and Bumblebee extremely well; you could feel Bumblebee’s need to protect Charlie through the screen.

Even the scenes with less action portrayed the important friendship between Bumblebee and Charlie. They illustrated what this unexpected relationship did to help Charlie in her transition into being 18 without her father.

Previous films in the Transformers series have not had the best reviews by many moviegoers. Such a popular series being so highly disliked is both disappointing and set the need for a major change. Travis Knight was obviously the change that needed to be made. As a new director to this series, Knight took the place of Michael Bay, the director of the previous movies in the series.

Knight did an amazing job of bringing the movies back to a more simplistic plot, while also keeping the audience engaged. Because the movies are based off of toys, Knight did succeeded in making a movie that was not only engaging to many adults, but also still fun for kids to enjoy too. Knight did an incredible job of bringing back the true vision behind the toys and the lessons their stories teach.

Overall, this movie was extremely enjoyable, and I would recommend it for all audiences. Even if you haven’t been as impressed with the previous Transformers movies, I still think you will enjoy this one.


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