Eaglecrest Comes Together for Music Video Project

Edmond Kunath, Reporter

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In December, many clubs and activities came together in the East Gym for a great moment of cheer and excitement, representing our school with pure spirit as a project began.This project is a music video, based off of the University of South Dakota’s, “Charlie Shuffle.” Now Eaglecrest is bringing together the ones who made the Charlie Shuffle as well as our teams, clubs, and more to create our own edition. Filming occurred during the week of finals, gathering the current sports teams and activities into the East Gym at EHS. With all of this to create spirit for the filming of the soon to be music video.

As the music video has been released, we must ask ourselves, what was the reason to create a music video, and how will this impact will EHS and have with this music video? Will students and staff be happy with what is accomplished and how will EHS be represented to other high schools?             

“It represents our school as setting a trend, rather than having a fight song and mascot painted in our gyms like every high school,” Mr. Davis stated.

Rashaan Davis is the Student Council and Leadership Advisor for EHS and helped create the music video for our school. I asked him questions regarding the main reason of why a music video, the inspiration behind the video, the long term lasting of the video, and the impact the school would have based from the video as well as other schools.

“It would create a identity for the school itself and set a trend for other schools, and bring more spirit.”

Bringing together the spirit of our school has created a standard that other schools try to follow with all of our spirit during games, rallies, and more. The expected reaction from the teachers may be true to have students excited for the release of the music video, however some students who were not involved for the music video could be different. How would students not involved with the music video expect of this project?

Joseph Summers is a Freshman here at Eaglecrest who was not involved with the music video in which I asked him his own opinion on the music video, what others would think of it, and what would be the impact of the video here at EHS and other schools.

“It can be beneficial towards the school, but I’m guessing it won’t help,” Joseph Summers stated.

“The music video can be really good, however for production, it might not really be that good. However, we probably will get a lot of recognition for it.”

Some of the opinions of the school may seem overall not certain of how the video will eventually become, but many others also have differing opinions of the matter.

Katy Branigan is currently an English teacher at Eaglecrest who was involved with the music video in which I asked her similar questions regarding her opinion of the story, what others would think of it, what would be the impact of the video here at EHS, along with how will the future of this video.

“I believe the video will represent the amount of pride and diversity we have, as well as the fun we have at this school.”

“The future of the video will depend on how tuned the lower classes are, and whether they will continue and make this into a tradition.”

Overall, the plan is for the video to have a great impact on the school with much surprise of the video and for EHS to set a standard for high school spirit. However some students expectations for those who have not been involved for it may have mixed expectations. This can be based off past experiences, background knowledge, and more, but overall hopeful for the video will be great to represent our school for who we are with the video finally being released.


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