Speech & Debate At State

Tyler Nelson, Editor/Reporter

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Speech and Debate is a ruthless activity within normal season, however tensions reach their peak at the beginning of state and national qualifiers. On Friday, the 22nd of February, the Eaglecrest team took thirty competitors to qualifiers at Cherry Creek High School. During the Friday Debate portion, however, it wasn’t only high tensions. It seems the common saying of “Weird things happen at State” that circulates Speech and Debate rang very true. Between five and seven o’clock in the evening, a snow storm chose to rage outside leading to extreme weather conditions and dangerous roads. The snow was so bad, CHSSA was willing to grant exception to a Sunday event, something that is borderline unheard of thanks to Sunday being considered a day of rest. Luckily, third round of Debate competition was instead postponed until Saturday morning, before the rest of Speech events. State Qualifiers is a unique tournament in that way, where Speech and Debate are separated into their own dates. This is something that hasn’t occurred since the first Raptor Rumble, Eaglecrest’s own tournament, according to Ashley McCulloch, EHS’ own Speech and Debate coach. Along with that, Speech rounds were also held the same day.


The rough conditions lead to rounds being held late Saturday morning, competition beginning at 9:30am rather than the normal 8 o’clock. The cold weather didn’t bring down the spirits of the team, however, as eleven members qualified to state and nine are listed as alternates. A stunning outcome compared to the first year, 2015, of state quals for Speech and Debate where only three people qualified. According to Collin Berg, an informative speaker and fourth alternate to state, “Everyone did really well, the work ethic was great, and it was lucky day. It was intense, but really nice.” Ben Hayes, extemporaneous speaker and duo competitor, said “It went pretty well and I’m proud for the people who are going to go to our state. This year has been our best yet, we’ve set new records.”  


State competition will be held on March 22-23rd at Mountain Vista High School and Eaglecrest competitors will be repping their red, hoping to return with gold.  Congrats to Lexi Jackson and Hailey Step in CX Debate, Esther Varghese in Foreign Extemp, Aspen McCart in Honour, Chuba Ozor in National Extemp, Grace Boulan, Senna Aldoubosh, Sanna Sodhi, all in Original Oratory, Mikayla Algeo in Poetry Oral Interpretation, Cade Bachman and Gio Murtha in PF Debate, Christa Olghen in Drama, Sean Wilton in Humour, Collin Berg in Informative Speaking, and Aidan Nave in Poetry Oral Interpretation!

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