Quintana: Centennial Wrestling Coach of the Year

Leo Nibbe, Reporter

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After completing his 4th year as Wrestling Head Coach at EHS, Coach Javier Quintana’s excellent coaching was finally awarded on March 6th with the Centennial League Wrestling Coach of the Year award. Coach Quintana led the boys wrestling team to the state tournament this year, where they earned the highest score yet.

“This was a huge year for Eaglecrest wrestling. We put three kids on the podium at the state tournament, and qualified five,” confirmed Coach Quintana.

Coach Quintana’s leadership helped the wrestlers achieve their best, and in turn, Coach Quintana was awarded as well.

“One of my major goals going into this position was to make Eaglecrest a staple in the wrestling community in Colorado, this was a major leap in that direction,” adds Quintana.

Coach Quintana states that his favorite part of coaching wrestling is watching his athletes grow as competitors.

“I like seeing how good they become over the years and strengthening their ability to overcome obstacles,” expresses Quintana.

And while he won an award for his excellent coaching, he doesn’t see it as a personal award, but rather a great achievement for the Eaglecrest wrestling program. He sees potential for even more great accomplishments in the program’s future, as more students join the program under his supervision. Further, Coach Quintana looks forward to the opportunity to coach more wrestlers, and encourages athletes of any type to join the wrestling program at EHS.

“Wrestling can help build a strong athletic foundation, and aid in mental toughness and injury prevention,” notes Quintana.

In particular, Quintana says he would like to challenge athletes that are 160lbs and up to participate in wrestling, as it is a fun way to grow and be a part of something special. Coach Quintana also adds that most division one coaches look to recruit high school level wrestlers, so if you are planning on heading down an athletic path, wrestling would be a good option to hone your skills.

Eaglecrest wrestling will continue to strive for the best, especially under Coach Quintana’s leadership, and anyone is welcome to come test their mettle, and even improve it, under this wrestling program.

“We look to continue to grow as a program, and qualify 7-10 kids every year.” says Coach Quintana.

Make sure to congratulate Coach. Quintana if you see him, and consider joining the Eaglecrest wrestling team, you’ll build great athletic character, and be coached by one of the best.

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