Endgame for Exit Assembly

Leo Nibbe, Reporter

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In the past, Eaglecrest has traditionally done a senior exit assembly at the end of every year. Under-classpeople see this as a mini-transition as they move from one grade up to the next. For seniors, this assembly is a little hint of what it will be like to walk off the stage during their upcoming graduation. But that practice has been discarded this year, much to the dismay and confusion of the students.

Aoife Rael reflects, “…it’s always been an important part of the school year to all of the students, especially seniors who have been waiting for their own since freshman year.”.

People had been preparing for the fun, reflective assembly to finish off the school year before the stressful week of finals hits everyone.

“It was something everyone looked forward too, so yeah I’m upset.” adds Karim Kbayli.

Under-class people are upset, but not so much as the seniors who would’ve had the honor of participating in this tradition.

“For three years I watched all the seniors get sung to by the Little Raptors and get to leave while the other classes filled their shoes for the next year. It was the only thing seniors were really looking forward to,” remarks Autumn Parsons, who is a senior this year. Parsons will be one of the many in this senior class to not be able to participate in the senior exit during the usual assembly. Many saw this assembly as our trademark end to the year and it held a lot of emotional importance for all classes. Most think it is a necessary tradition because of this, but others think that it’s not necessary but still a fun tradition that the school carried out.

Jessie Kigerl noted how her favorite part of the assembly had been the flashback video:

“It showed most of my friends and their best moments.”

Despite this discontinuation of the senior exit assembly, a new ceremony has been introduced to celebrate the moving-on of the seniors. A senior BBQ is to be held. The event will have music, food, and games, and be held from 11:00-12:20 AM on May 20th.

But although this alternate event was created to continue the commemoration of seniors, students tended to agree that admin. should reinstate the exit assembly “It’s an acknowledgement of the seniors’ hard work.” says Rael. Kigerl agreed that the senior exit assembly is an important tradition, “Yes, so future kids will have the same pleasure of saying goodbye properly.” Parsons continued that “Yes….”the assembly should be reinstated “… because it’s unfair to have 3 years of people look forward to this moment then just not let them have it.”

Those that were interviewed for this article seemed to be in agreement that this was a bad decision to cancel the assembly. Further that the assembly should be resumed as usual, as everyone had been looking forward to it as the send-off for their next year at EHS. For seniors, this is their send-off to college life.

“It took a tradition away from people who were looking forward to it.” adds Parsons.

The student body treasured this fun, end-of-the-year tradition, and all seem to feel that getting rid of it, without giving anyone any notice, was a bad decision. Students are mostly in favor of having the assembly brought back so that future generations of Raptors get to experience this important tradition.

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