Nest Full of Nationalities

Leo Nibbe, Reporter

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The student community here at Eaglecrest is not only diverse in regards to academics, but it also rich in the variety of cultures represented in our student body from around the world. The culture night that was held here at EHS on April 24th, and was a great example of just how much of an amazing kaleidoscope our school is.

Students from different cultural backgrounds such as West Africa, East Africa, India, Pakistan, the Hawaiian Islands, and more, gathered at the school for a show of amazing performances. In addition, earlier in the night there was food catered by various culturally diverse restaurants for the guests who came to experience (maybe for the first time) and enjoy. Guests could satisfy their taste buds with a variety of spices, meats, and veggies that local restaurants were so kind to cater during this tasteful night.

Once everyone had had their fill of delicious food, it was on to the performances. Starting with an amazing singing performance, and complemented with a multitude of cultural dances from countries such as Ethiopia and Eritrea, along with pop-culture performances such as a combined Indian and Pakistani Bollywood performance, the night was truly filled with sounds and movements that one might not see otherwise. Every single student that performed was superbly talented and executed their routines flawlessly, and conjured multiple standing ovations for themselves.

My attention was thoroughly captured throughout every single act, and I was completely engrossed in the atmosphere of diversity brought forth that night. This was EHS’s second annual culture night, meaning that there will almost certainly be another next year. So, if you weren’t able to attend the event this year, I would definitely recommend attending it next year. You will be welcomed with amazing and exotic food, and outstanding performances from around the world. We are lucky to have been able to express such culture in one night at our school. Culture night is a awesome celebration of the diversity here at EHS, and we should all be proud to have hosted and embraced such an amazing, come-together event.

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