Girls LAX Looks Forward

Jaden Brumage, Reporter

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As the season comes to the end, members of the Eaglecrest Girl’s Lacrosse team have begun to reflect on their triumphs and fallbacks this year.

Alexis Conaway
The 2019 Girls Lacrosse team poses in their gear.

Cindy Valenzuela, a Varsity lacrosse player, says, “our team is really young so there was a lot of room to grow when the season first started and we still have a long way to go. Overall, we’ve learned to work well together and we definitely learned after our first game that we’re capable if we just trust each other.”


As of May 1, the girls have a record of three wins and nine losses.


“We have definitely grown from last season,” Grayson Fast, the Varsity goalie, explains. She continues, “Last season we didn’t really have it together until the second half of the game but we are getting better everyday about maintaining the same focus and intensity throughout the entire game.”


The 2019 spring season had its share of accomplishments. Both Fast and Valenzuela agreed that “beating St. Mary’s [High School]” in their opening game was the highlight of the year. “It was the first time Eaglecrest Girls Lacrosse has ever beaten them in school history. It was an amazing game and everyone was full of energy,” remarks Fast.


On a more individual level, Fast’s “save percentage has increased significantly. For a couple of weeks, [she] had the largest save percentage in [the] league.” Valenzuela, on the other hand, has been “taught a lot” and gotten “much better than [she] was at the beginning of the season.” Valenzuela adds, “I made my first varsity goal at our second game so that was really encouraging.”


As for next year?


“We are going to be doing a lot more preseason work. We will even be playing outdoor lacrosse this summer. There are some other surprises that the coaches have been working on as well and [they sound] excited about it,” Fast comments.


Valenzuela adds, “we have three seniors [this] year so it will take some getting used to when they leave because they’ve been such good mentors. We’re still going to be a pretty young team though because we’ll be getting some younger girls up on varsity.” She concludes that she believes that “the momentum and attitude of the team itself will continue to get better.”

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