New Direction for Eaglecrest Media

Aliya Getchell, Reporter

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As we bring this year to an end, The Eagle Quill staff is excited for the future of Newspaper. Throughout this year we have informed you of news, activities, and connected the Eaglecrest community to the many things happening outside of our school. Our print publication has not only been fun to create, but a comprehensive memory of all of our experiences at Eaglecrest. Next year, our staff will continue writing and informing the student body; however, we will no longer have a print publication. Newspaper will be merged with Raptor TV as an innovative, media based class that will provide visual elements along with stories. Because this decision was made fairly recently, more details are to come in the future. With the information we do know, the staff is very excited for this development as we think it will engage the student body more and keep up with a modern idea of journalism. In recent years, journalism has stopped coming in the form of a newspaper and many news outlets have transitioned to 100% online. We live in a media saturated world. Everything we see, touch, and do involves the media in some way. Our generation is constantly on our phones and many of us haven’t picked up a real newspaper in many years.

As many classes are, The Eagle Quill environment was created so that young writers could get a feel of what a career in journalism might be. Late nights, deadlines, page design, and actively reporting were definitely stressful, but allowed us to see what a profession in journalism would look and feel like. Unfortunately some of these things do not illustrate a modern world of news. News has become an integrative platform of communications within society. Video and interactive elements have been added along with switching to an online presence. In order to keep up with these modern changes, a merging of Raptor TV and The Eagle Quill is the smartest decision that will benefit young journalists and you, the student body. With an online presence, news and events will get to you much sooner and much more frequently than a monthly paper. Interactive elements on social media and our website will let you have more of a say in what you want us to report on.

While The Eagle Quill staff is sad we are not continuing a print publication, we are very excited for this new experience. Change is inevitable due to the fast paced nature of society. By embracing change, growth and opportunity arise. As the year ends and the next one begins, we hope you embrace this change with us and continue to support the journalists at Eaglecrest. Thank you for making this chapter of our lives a wonderful experience. Thank you for giving us a reason to write. Thank you, above all else, for continuing to support us as we look towards next year.

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